Core competence

The core technical ability is the guarantee of quality.

Company qualification

Mobile phone development and design company established in 2010
China's largest mobile communication development design solution company
National High-tech Enterprise
Serving the world's leading well-known brand companies
Preferred partner for global leading brands

R & D team

The R&D team has nearly 16 years of experience in the mobile communications industry
R&D team size is greater than 150 people
Average industry experience for more than 10 years
70% of undergraduate degree or above
Manufacturing center scale exceeds 600 people

R & D strength

Have various invention patents / software copyrights
National High-tech Enterprise approved by the National Development and Reform
A variety of products have passed international and domestic certification tests
A variety of products are certified by foreign and domestic operators

product type

Mobile communication; wearable device; digital peripheral;
Artificial intelligence; OEM, ODM solutions

Customer service

China Mobile; Philips; Great Wall; NYX;
Major old-age care institutions and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Guan Aitong project